Facebook Advertising

Loyal customers are already talking about your brand, help them amplify the message with advertising on the world’s largest social network.

Target friends of your company’s biggest fans and watch the snowball effect of social marketing benefit your business.  
  • Any Budget: With our Facebook campaigns, we can work with any marketing budget.
  • Get Found Online Now: Your ads will appear in front of people specifically targeted on the world’s largest social network because they’re the most likely to convert into a sale.
  • Flexible, Fully Customizable Campaigns: We optimize your campaign to achieve your main objective. Are you looking for more clicks? Conversions? Engagement? Likes? With Facebook’s customizable campaign tools, we’ll run a campaign targeting your objective. Need to change it up? We can do that too.
  • Real Time Analytics Available: Need to know how your campaign is doing? We’re able to provide real-time reports of views, click-throughs and other engagement metrics.
  • Drop Bucket: Worried about running up your advertising budget? Don’t. With our drop bucket campaigns, we manage your account in the most efficent manner possible to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. When the bucket runs dry, together we assess how successful the campaign was and let you make the decision to continue with another deposit.

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