At Direct Placement LLC, we’re extremely proud of the work we do for our clients. All of the clients below, with a “contact me” label, have given us permission to have our prospects call and talk with them about their experience. They’re all advocates of our products and services and would be happy to speak with you about how Direct Placement, LLC has benefited their business. Feel free to click through to each testimonial’s website for their contact information or just simply call them directly. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our company and we look forward to serving you. square-enix2
"We have been working with Direct Placement for a long time and are extremely pleased with our relationship. When Google changes their search/placement conditions Direct Placement are quick to respond. I attribute much of our advertising success to our relationship with Direct Placement and highly recommend their service to anyone looking to optimize their position on web searches."

Bryan Moore of Milwaukee Instruments, USA, Client Since: 7-2-14
“Working with Direct Placement has been a delight! Their professional approach to meeting my needs within my budget impressed me. Best off all, they make sure my business shows up where my clients can find it, on the first page. I highly recommend Direct Placement to optimize an online presence of any business”.

Beata Wojtalik, Dominion Lending Centres, Client Since: 11-9-16
“The level of service at Direct Placement is fantastic. They’ve ensured that we’ve always been found on the top search relevant to our villa. For as long as I’ve been a client, I have been consistently impressed by their professionalism and they are a pleasure speaking with. Thank you!”

John Hethrington, Casa Carole, Client Since: 1-29-10
Contact John: 800-839-4913
“When we needed to reach a specific target group for exposure of our product, Direct Placement became the perfect catalyst. Direct Placement was able to get us in front of the clients that needed us, therefore increasing our business immediately. We don’t ask for much from our marketing vendors other than to be responsive, honest and effective, and Direct Placement has provided us this. They will always come highly recommended from us here at O’Neil KG Bags.”

Ryan O’Neil, O’Neil KG Bags, Client Since: 4-28-10
Contact Ryan: 415-460-0111
“As a Real Estate company in today’s market, things are difficult. We know that and so does everyone else. Using Direct Placement ensures us a constant internet presence and allows us to be competitive in this economy!”

Jim McNeeley, McNeeley Real Estate & Property Management, Client Since: 10-7-10
Contact Jim: 503-292-8125
“Direct Placement has been helping me improve sales and website traffic for over 2 years, and I must say, these people truly care, and are very knowledgeable about current internet marketing strategies. This has been KEY to our success in keeping us the #1 dealer of our product, and generating more revenue. I highly recommend this firm.”

Jeff H., The Trike Man Inc., Client Since: 8-11-10
Contact Jeff: 352-262-4673
“Being in a competitive area in the Dental field you need that extra help to be seen. Direct Placement has made sure we are one of the first dental offices to come up on Google increasing our new patient numbers! I would recommend them to any of my colleagues or businesses looking to optimize their exposure!”

Elise Braxmeyer, Hillside Dental Care, Client since: 6-22-10
Contact MaryAnne: 503-590-4300
“Direct Placement has been instrumental in increasing my online visibility. Ryan Vanderpool has been honest and true to his word since day 1. I’ve consistently been 1 or 2 at the top of the Google page, and they’ve even surprised me with occasional add-ons with different search engines which I feel is a great bonus. I know for a fact their service and responsiveness is second to none. I would highly recommend Direct Placement to anyone looking to increase their visibility online.”

Daniel Meng, MŪV Fitness Coaching, Client since: 4-6-12
Contact Daniel: 615-482-4950
“Direct Placement gets us right where we want to be…on the front page of Google searches! That helps our future customers get right where they want to go…our web site! Thank you, Direct Placement!”

Matt Bemis, Branner & Bemis CPA, Client since: 1-13-12
Contact Matt: 503-342-2015
"I have tried many different advertising methods for my small business. I have never had much success with anything I have tried, until I decided to give Google a try with a Direct Placement representative. Within two weeks of having my business featured on Google I have received many phone calls inquiring about our preschool, and have had two families sign up. One family is from New York, and one from Dublin Ireland! I could not be happier."

Chris Chevalier, Perkins Preschool, Client since: 10-30-12
Contact Chris: 206-522-1131
“Direct Placement has continuously worked with me in optimizing my campaign to ensure I’m getting the best placement for the least cost. I’d happily refer any business looking for a constant online presence to Direct Placement.”

Debbie Baxter, GlassFuzion.net, Client Since: 6-14-10
Contact Debbie: 775-622-1701
“We are a Beach Wedding Business that is located in Destin Florida. Direct Placement has been assisting us with our business for many years now. They are always extremely helpful and know what they are doing when it comes to getting your website where it needs to be for the most business. They are a professional and trustworthy company and I highly recommend them.”

Connie Turner, Sugar Beach Weddings
Ultimate Beach Weddings
Destin for Love Beach Weddings
, Client Since: 3-9-12
Contact Connie: 850-650-1515
“I have used Direct Placement with two of the organizations I work with, and am very pleased with the results and with the professionalism and courtesy of the advisors. Melissa is easy to contact, and calls me with suggestions and to check on my satisfaction. The placement has increased site traffic, and I can attribute at least one new client as a result of the placement in the very first month. The return on my investment is substantial.”

Katy Hoskins, Promises for Families Foundation, San Angelo, Texas & Natural Horse Retirement Program, Van Horn, Texas, Client Since: 2-28-12
Contact Katy: 325-235-7151
“Direct Placement has worked their magic and Day Law Group is now on the Google Maps where clients can easily access us. Thanks for your efforts and working to get us the local clientele we desire.”

Ross Day, Day Law Group, Client Since: 4-27-12
Contact Heather: 503-747-2705
“For quite some time I have been using your services and feel compelled to write this note of sincere gratitude and thanks. In my business I deal with a lot of companies and when I receive outstanding service I like to let upper management know what a good job their company and employees are doing. I currently have 3 key phrases listed with Direct Placement and will probably be adding more in the near future. All of my key phrases are on the 1st page of Google and I am getting “outstanding exposure.” My business has improved and I am more than pleased with the results. Thank you for putting our company out front.

We all know that one of the main reasons a company flourishes is because of their employees. I must shed light on my representative with Direct Placement, Mr. Darrell Feltus. Please don’t ever take him off of my account! Darrell has been amazing and is one of the best representatives I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He pro actively contacts me to let me know about new keywords that just became available. He checks on me on a regular basis, just to see how I am doing and if I need anything and is genuinely concerned about helping make our business flourish. Darrell is one of the best.”

Carl Rogers, Puerto Vallarta Properties, Client Since: 1-31-12
Contact Carl: 303-986-8000
"Direct Placement gets our business and our clients' businesses right where they need to be quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We've been with DP for a couple years with no end in site. Great customer service too!"

Greg Preite, Online Profit Strategy, Client since: 2-19-13
Contact Greg: 951-234-5943
“We have been a client of Direct Placement for the last three years and we are extremely pleased with their services and results. At first I was very skeptical of a company that guaranteed page one placement for key words 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To my surprise, we received exactly what we were promised. Page one placement for our chosen key words & phrases continues to this day and helps us target specific customers looking for our featured brands. Direct Placement has helped us increase our exposure as well as providing us with a tool that allows us to spend our advertising budget more wisely. All in all, this improves our bottom line. Thank you Direct Placement for your excellent work and service.”

Jay Friedman, Lazar’s Luggage Superstore, Client since: 4-10-10
“Short Law Group, in Portland, Oregon, offers aggressive legal services throughout the area. With Direct Placement’s help we’re now on the first page of Google.”

Jason Short, Short Law Group, Client Since: 2-17-11
“Working with Direct Placement has truly helped increase our business across the board! We are always a top result on Google searches for our area and an overwhelming amount of our guests have found us on Google thanks to Direct Placement.”

Grant Hensley, Parkside Resort, Client Since: 6-14-11
"Direct Placement’s attention to the small business owner is so appreciated. We are a company who thrives on local clientele being able to easily access us online. Being on Google Maps in conjunction with Placement, you can’t go wrong. Thanks guys!"

Eddie Cohen, Shaul’s Kosher Market, Client Since: 11-4-10