Blog Post What’s New In Bing Ads? January 2016

What’s New In Bing Ads?  January 2016



What’s New In Bing Ads? January 2016

Bing is now powering AOL search traffic

On January 1, 2016, Bing became AOL’s Internet search provider, providing ads and algorithmic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide that have the capability of web search, and exclusively in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Bing will power web search traffic across all devices for AOL – PC, tablet, and mobile – and on properties such as, AOL Mail, AOL Desktop, Autoblog, MapQuest, and more. In general, you can anticipate an increase in click volume of 5 to 8 percent with additional AOL search traffic available through Bing Ads. Make sure your budget allows you to take advantage of growing volume availability. To see what exactly will be changing in the Bing Ads interface, take a look at AOL Web Search Powered by Bing.

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